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It is a passion for Katherine to share her experiences and exchange lessons learned and observations. Regular speaking, reading and workshop engagements to and with wider audiences are an important part of her portfolio. From concept to storyboard to actual performance, the whole experience is provided and bespoke tailored to the need.


Recent engagements have covered the creation of a Yoga Reading concept and implementation for Lululemon, a speaking engagement about “Inspiration to Creation to Public Performance” for Credit Suisse or a workshop around communication in the “Age of the Unknown” for the League of Leading Ladies conference.


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Workshop: The League of Leading Ladies

„Business and creative communication in the Age of the Unknown“


Join the author and communications specialist, Katherine Anne Lee, for an interactive workshop about business and creative communication. But what does the “Age of the Unknown” actually mean? What are the things we should think about when communicating and what is important not to forget? Together we will look at possible communication goals and contextual inspiration – meaning the actual gathering of input for the communication. To paint the full picture, we will also look at the ultimate writing experience and the publication process. And this not only for the corporate environment but also for creative writing. Additionally, an exciting and mind opening experiment is waiting for you during the workshop. The “Age of the Unknown” – let us thinkers, shapers, misfits and leaders tackle the challenge together.


The League of Leading Ladies - Workshop by Katherine Anne Lee

The League of Leading Ladies - Workshop by Katherine Anne Lee: Download Booklet

Collaboration: lululemon

The first ever Yoga-Reading


Meet the six Pimientos de Padrón peppers.

During the Yang/Yin yoga lesson with lululemon ambassador Nora, you will be inspired by the stories of the Pimientos de Padrón peppers, captured in the new novel “The Life & Dreams of Pimientos de Padrón” by Katherine Anne Lee. 

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