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In Switzerland Katherine studied Communication, Marketing & Branding. She further progressed her career with additional education in Project and Risk Management. During her tenure she worked for some of the leading insurance companies and banks in the area of Consulting, Risk Management and Executive Communication. For one of the leading Swiss banks she has worked as strategic consultant with focus on projects with high internal but also external need for communication. Later, she drove the change communication of the newly joined Group CEO, as responsible key account for Internal Communications of the Group CEO and Group COO.


Today, Katherine supports Corporates, Start-ups and creative businesses with vision creation, strategic storytelling and change communication, workshops and speaking engagements. She is the storyteller for LifeStory products, capturing life-changing experiences and injecting these into short stories that bring the product to life.

For the upcoming, cutting edge, start-up, JAROWA, Katherine supports the creation and formulation of the FINTECH story and vision. Additionally, she is responsible for the media handling and all areas of corporate communication.  


To support others with her extraordinary experiences, she is a member of the Board of Directors of the Central Swiss union for authors.

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