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Katherine Anne Lee was born in Dorset, England, where she also spent her formative years. As a child her family moved to Switzerland, which continues to be her home today.


In Switzerland Katherine studied Communication, Marketing & Branding. She further progressed her career with additional education in Project and Risk Management. During her tenure she worked for some of the leading insurance companies and banks in the area of Consulting, Risk Management and Executive Communication. During the past seven years Katherine has worked for one of the leading Swiss banks. First, as strategic consultant with focus on projects with high internal but also external need for communication. Later, she drove the change communication of the newly joined Group CEO, as responsible key account for Internal Communications of the Group CEO and Group COO. Today, Katherine supports Corporates, Start-ups and creative businesses with vision creation, strategic storytelling and change communication, workshops and speaking engagements.


Katherine’s first novel ‘From Dust to and a Lifetime in Between’ was published in September 2013 in England. It tells the true story of her grandmother Mollie Cooke. The memoir explores her incredibly ordinary yet extraordinary life in rural Shropshire. Only a year later Katherine’s second novel, “The Life and Dreams of Pimientos de Padrón”, was published. The fantasy tale dives into the life and dreams of six very unique Pimientos de Padron peppers and their view on life and what they dream on becoming. The book follows their adventure filled journey from seed to table. Her stories have been covered in international, national and regional newspapers and magazines across the UK, Switzerland and Germany and have won prizes in the US. Two years later the novels were published in German language in Switzerland and Germany. This gave Katherine the opportunity to collaborate with companies and organizations like Mercedes Benz, the Bundespresseball in Berlin, Lululemon, LifeStory, JAROWA, Credit Suisse, Montblanc and others.


Additionally, Katherine works on projects with musicians. She writes lyrics to combine her words with moving music. To support others with her extraordinary experiences, she is a member of the Board of Directors of the Central Swiss union for authors.


Katherine writes: “I envision to share stories that spark thoughts, inspire and reflect. Reaching a new audience by collaborating with gifted artists, companies and organizations is a special treat. It is food for my soul to develop ideas and try new paths. It fulfills me with joy to see joint concepts come alive and touch the audience’s hearts. The path of the unknown becomes your acquaintance if you allow your bravery to walk it.”


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